Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mending Broken by Teresa B. Pasquale - A Book Review


Our spirits are not built for this.


Our spirits were made for this. 

This is what our Creator intended. Even if we have lived in utter darkness, something in our spirits still longs for the light. It was the original order of things. It was always the plan for humankind to live well. The notion that we are beyond help or hope, irreparable and beyond redemption, is a deception.

I met a girl.

In her book, Mending Broken, Teresa B. Pasquale offers those who suffer from PTSD extravagant hope. She doesn’t merely speak of her own experience with trauma and PTSD. If this book were purely a memoir, certainly we would celebrate the fact that she was able to overcome living in her own personal terror-zone, but would it give us hope for ourselves and those we know who remain in terror-zones of their own?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Which is why this wounded healer became the “Magnum PI of PTSD and post-PSTD”, researching the biology of this disorder and how the brain’s “neuroplasticity” can help those whose brains have literally been derailed by trauma to regain purchase on the road to health and wholeness. Teresa offers more than just her own personal story. She offers more than a spiritual solution. She reveals a tangible, physical solution that is, in itself, every bit miraculous.

She’s a Hopegiver, y'all.

Her journey through trauma is one more story of the human condition on this crazy planet of ours. It’s her coming out on the other side that is remarkable and available to us all. She is not an anomaly. This healing and wholeness is available to all of us who have suffered trauma. But she is a trailblazer. She is speaking out against the paradigm that PTSD is permanently debilitating. She says, “Every path to healing is like a fingerprint,” and that healing is waiting for us if we are willing to do the work.

A “wounded healer” myself and having been through my own fair share of trauma, I could relate to this woman who had been drowning in the dark waters of despair, but was incrementally able to push herself upward and break through to the surface. Mending Broken is a lifeboat for anyone caught in the undertow of paranoia, anxiety, and flashbacks. If you are a sojourner suffering from the onslaught of war, rape, abuse, assault, despair, terror, or trauma and find that you are struggling to cope with the perils of simply being a citizen of this planet, please let Teresa’s story and research work its way into your spirit and remind you what you were made for.

She assures us that, “We are never abandoned by grace, even if we stray away or forget it exists—it is always one breath, one prayer, one moment of unabashed selflessness away.”

You can find the link to order Mending Broken and begin your own path to wellness or gift this treasure to someone you love by visiting Teresa’s website:

* Daisy Rain Martin is the Author of Juxtaposed: Finding Sanctuary on the Outside, a comedic spiritual memoir. Please connect with Daisy on Facebook/Twitter and visit her website: If you have ever been the victim of abuse, contact her to receive her free book, If It's Happened to You.

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