Sunday, January 13, 2013

Katie Wiese - Juxtaposed Across America Winner

I remember meeting Katie Wiese the year our middle school opened. We were all sitting in the typical-teacher-beginning-of-the-year kumbaya circle making introductions. I had no idea that this woman would be instrumental in they way that I think with her insight and wisdom. I love her. I love her family.

I asked her the same questions I asked Teresa from last week. Here is just a taste of that wisdom I told you about:

1) What is your heart's greatest desire for this world and what do you do to make that desire a reality?

My greatest desire for this world...gosh...there are so many. But the one thing that I am passionate about and that I feel God is gearing me up for is confidence for girls and women. Being okay with who we are...the way God made us, looking in the mirror and being comfortable with the reflection. Knowing that we are EXACTLY as God intended. I have struggled with exactly this because of my past abuses and my situation growing up. I have struggled with bulimia/anorexia and over eating. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for years. I have struggled with self worth. I feel like God has got me at a point in my life right now where He is saying...."You have a job. I need you to use your voice. I need to you to share what I have done for you. I need to to tell girl and women what THEY mean to me." I have been scared to start, but I know that I have to do it. The last slap in the face God gave me was when my 4 year old daughter told us that she was not smart. That was a blow to my gut! I see a lot of myself in her and I need to start what God has for me. He is telling me to I am writing. He is telling me to I will speak. He is telling me to I pray. God said to me during one of my devotions a while back (before Emma said her not smart statement), "Kate, if your child looked at you and said that they were worthless, ugly and would you feel?" My answer was of course that I would be heart broken and devastated. "Exactly....that is how I feel every time you say that about yourself." Okay Lord, I get it! He used my daughter to get me to the finally point. 
(I hope that makes sense. If you need me to tell you more I will.)

2) What do you love most about being a mom?

I love watching my children grow. I have loved every stage of their little lives. There is something wonderful with each step. My twins start Kindergarten next year, and most moms get all emotional about it, but I am excited! I am excited to see them grow and learn. I am excited to see who they are going to become. I love their little hearts. I love their smiles and laughs. They are the best parts of me and my husband all rolled into two BEAUTIFUL little beings.

3) Tell me about one miracle you've seen in this world.

The greatest miracle in my life is my children. The 4 and a half painful years that my husband and I struggled for them nearly killed me. I prayed and prayed for kids. I also prayed and prayed (begged and begged) that if God was not going to give us kids that He would take the need to be a mom away from me. Waiting is hard....His timing was perfect! Finally, with some amazing doctors and God's hand in the situation we were able have our babies. God blesses us with twins, a boy and a girl. One pregnancy...2 beautiful children...many, many blessed people for having these kiddos in their lives! They are my joy! I am forever grateful for them...even when they are driving me bananas!

My Katie-girl, I'm so glad you are in my life! Thank you for all you've taught me and the example you've been!

NEXT WEEK: Holly Chamberlain

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