Saturday, August 8, 2009

Survey Question

How do you feel about the way people go about debating political issues in this country?

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Daisy Rain


Ryan said...

No comments? Uh oh Daisy! I thought I'd at least give one so there could be 1 comment under this. I've given up on debating politics for the time being as a majority of people don't debate (its a lost art) and instead state their opinion and turn their ears off. A prime example of this was in the tutoring office I worked in at my undergrad school and it was during the election. An extremely intelligent co-worker who supported the McCain campaign was literally cut off each time he spoke by two other girls. They were making rude remarks and gave him no room to talk. I myself have been involved in such "debates" and it comes to a point to where I know there are better thing to do. While I do realize this is but a small sample size, it doesn't change my current feelings. I do hope one day I can encounter individuals who actually listen as opposed to simply bash the opposition...


Daisy Rain Martin said...

Hallelujah, Ryan. I'm with you. I'm done debating for the time being myself. I used to post the President's weekly address from YouTube on my Facebook page every Saturday, thinking it might be good to hear what he has to say once a week. No one was really interested in anything but crapping all over my page so, in a very short period of time, I just stopped. It wasn't worth it to me. I'm very disheartened by all of it. I just can't participate anymore.

And thanks for your one comment! :) I appreciate it!

Daisy Rain

TXB said...

For me, both 4 and 5 are true. Since 4 is true, I elect to follow the nihilistic path of 5...except I can't quite commit to the pure nihilism of watching ET for my news. In fact, I still stay plugged into political debates more than most folks, prolly...but knowing the truth of #4, I don't see the point in joining the fray. It's just some bullshit to follow from day to day, like sports. Anyway, tomorrow our state should have some good political theater as Clair McCasskill faces what I'm calling "The Revenge of the Teabaggers." And this is Jefferson County, so our teabaggers will prolly be on meth!