Friday, July 17, 2009

Tribute Video for My Dad, Donald Eugene Lofton

Ever since my dad passed away in December, I've wanted to make him a video. Really, it's for myself and for everyone who loved him. Today, this is what I did. I hope he likes it. I miss him.


Anonymous said...

•Very touching.
•You have beautiful big eyes.
•Is that a Playboy or a People?
•Love the picture of SM kissing you at the wedding and Geoff covering his eyes. CLASSIC
•The only thing that would’ve made this better is to have had DAISY singing the two songs (actually thought the first one started off like you and I was so excited…then…ugh)


Lisa Alexander said...

Daisy, You dad was blessed to have you in his life. What a fabulous tribute. I know he is shining down on his "darlin'" today with pride and appreciation.

Vernon Kime said...

Daisy Daisy, thank you so much…

Daisy Rain Martin said...

Thank you, guys!


* I'm glad you liked it.
* Thank you. You're embarrassing me.
*People! For crying out loud!!!
*Isn't that funny? We LOVE that picture!
*If you'd come to the actual event, you would have heard me sing Dan Fogelburg's "Longer" as I walked down the aisle. I pre-recorded it--it wasn't live. Everyone in the place knew I was singing--except the groom. :)

Love you!

Shane Steck said...

That was beautiful Daisy! Your dad seemed to glow with kindness! Sorry for all the interuptions...i got a call from my dad while i was trying to finish But I did finish it!

The Wiese Family said...

Loved it girl!!!! You look just like your dad!!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning!
Daisy what a precious video? I love it! You have such a way about you. My you look so much like your dad. he was a handsome Man...
Just watching the vidoo brought back so many heartfelt memories of you. I am convinced that my life is much richer because God placed you into my life. Ilove you Girl!!!
marsha Jo

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful tribute to your dad who i know you loved dearly. You look so much like him but Geoffery really looks like him. I know someday you will see him again in a place where you will never be separated again/

Uour Missouri DAD

Teresa said...

Beautiful video, Daisy. I also loved the picture with Geoffrey covering his eyes.

We have something else in common besides college and FB. I pre-recorded the song I walked down the aisle to as well! I sang Amy Grant's "Say Once More". And Rick didn't realize I was the one singing it either...sigh.

I wish I remembered more about my dad. I was so young when he died. A few years ago, I got in touch with my aunt - his older sister - and she has been able to fill in some gaps.

Barryboat said...

Nice video Daisy! I wanted to sing "Your Smiling Face" by James Taylor at my wedding, but couldn't get the musicians, instead we had Butterfly kisses piped in. Then I was also out in my place by the wedding coordinator who said "Barry, this wedding is not about you." I know you were a HUGE blessing to your Dad!