Friday, June 26, 2009

Keith Olbermann Speaks Out On Prop 8

Thank you, Cody.



The Wiese Family said...

YAY!!! That was awesome!!! Pass along the happiness and LOVE!!! That is all that matters!

Anonymous said...

Dear Daisy
Your blog was very interesting, and I heard your voice, your emotions, and your heartbeat as it thundered loudly your beliefs. I certainly can agree with one part of your blog that we should not mistreat anyone because of their religious, racial, or responses in what they believe. However, I am saddened that we as a group of people who want to take matters into our own hands and become discriminatory, and prejudices based on a one sided situation. What would we do if it were our family member? That's why we have to be careful.. I wonder how would we treat the situation?

I believe if the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts then we would Act like God, Talk like God, and become one of the Greatest Representatives on earth for God. . Although I believe all of the Bible not just the part that eases an emotion; not just a promise that I have searched through the word that fit my need. I believe God, and I trust him to do exactly what he said that he will do. God loves everyone, however he hates sin in everyone, and with him there is no respect of person. We leave too many doors windows and gates open for the enemy to climb through and he is the culprit that we all tend to feed. I am saddened about the marriage relationship that God ordained many have forsaken the vows, and have caused a spirit of "Do what every you want to do " That is absurd, and almost a slap in the face of those who are trying to keep the santicy of marriage .

Anonymous said...

Continued from above...

My heart is hurting because I want to know what about those individuals that desire to be with the same sex? What happened to the marriage of a man and a wife that either desires to go outside of the marriage to find what they feel like they can't get at home? What about the priests, pastors, and teacher's mother's and father's who are and have molested an innocent child? What has gone wrong when a woman would desire being with a little girl? or a grown man with a little boy? These are the spirits that go unattended and open up other doors in which are now plaguing our world. which in my opinion are causing homosexuals and Lesbians to become more prevalent. because they want someone who will understand and love them, and ultimately ease the hurt that they have being caring for so long, and it has become to heavy for them to bear. Shame on the children of God who can't see what is really going on. I am married and have been 35 years, and it is just our reasonable service. Are we suppose to get any thing special because we made a decision to hold this commitment together until death do us part? My grandparents were married 78 years no outside children, and they were 98 and 93 years of age when they passed. they stayed until death did them part. my father married my mother at 15 years of age and they remained married for 57 years until my father died. raise their children no outside children, they never made $5,000.00 a year combined, and they were blessed to have 7 of their eight children to received college degrees.

My mother worked in the home of a white couple taking care of their children, cooking cleaning, washing, and they would not even take social security out so she could be taken care of now at 79 years of age. He told her she did not need it. I don't remember my mother demanding that she be given what was rightfully hers She trusted God to fight her battle. . so I have real mixed emotions should people be treated cruel, or disrespectful, certainly not!

I also believe that we should be loving those people with the love of God until they can see Christ in us. Until they can develop a one on one relationship with God to heal them from their hurts, and wounds. God made man for marriage not marriage for man In heaven we will not be known as husband and wife. A word that I received from God. if you take the word marriage and you look at the end of the word you will find a three letter word that we never notice until we meet up with it; and that word is Age we will not have a sucessful marriage until our marriage has aged. in other words we can truly say as a benefit that we have been married when we have gleaned out of our marriages one thing and that attribute is relationship. until sex is over, finanices are minimal, until looks, color, size, shape does not matter anymore, and we have proven that we have birth a marriage by exemplifying relationship God is waiting for this to material lize it is our practice test if you will to enter into a trained relationship to be prepared to fellowship with him. so I say to all We need to pursue God, and what it is that he has for us. Happiness is temporal but Joy is permanent. Life does not consist in the abundance of things. The Bible should not be used as a guide to dig out information and prove to others your point of view . It was written for us to live every word of it. Stay Tuned for the next episode of my New book entitled "Chasing the Vow".
Your For Real Friend,
Marsha Jo

tmstafford said...

If this is not about politics and its not about yelling and it is not about God and not about the Bible and not about sanctity and ultimately not about sexuality or humanity, then what is it about. It can not be love because God is love. It can not be about religion because religion is a a part of the experience of man. It can not be about choices because the voters chose, it therefore can not also be about democracy for would a socialist state be better for homosexuals? Check the history on this issue. It can not be about the media because the media is a part of the political process and it was clearly stated twice, this is not about politics.

So Mr. Olberman what is this really about? well it is about a voice, but whose voice, yours? you are a heterosexual with a homosexual family member and this fuels your passion and knowledge enough to use your position as a new anchor and a strong voice in the community of media that surrounds us all to choose a side, quote only the Bible and use this issue as a torch against another set of choices in life. Who told you that this was you job? Frankly, I am not as concerned about the vote of the people one way or another because this is what has shaped our country from its inception, I am however concerned about "media-crats" like you who live in a world far removed from any of us quoting scripture with an authority that should cause all of us to take heed to your word and consider your meditations. However, if this is not about the Bible then your argument is null and void especially when you are contradictory in your use of the Bible in it contexts and so again I ask. What is this about? Tonight when you get into you $60,000 Lexus and drive to your million dollar home and consider all of the monies that you have made and spent and made again and when you look at your privately educated children and consider your lofty position, perhaps that answer is already apparent. Perhaps Nietzsche was really wrong. God is not dead, He just changed his name to Keith Olberman. Keep walking on the water of your own tears Mr. Olberman, and by the way, why don't you use your position and affluence to feed the hungry, cure the sick, visit the poor and destitute and bring them comfort, and leave a legacy of a man who fought for equilibrium of the world and not the rights for a mere few.

It is time for those of your with a voice to start listening more and talking less and lets let democracy rule regardless of the outcome.

PS, I wish that we could elect anchor men perhaps we could hold you more accountable to your incessant babble. all of you are guilty on every side. Americans in general are tired of the media spin cycle and we want off of this ride.