Sunday, March 1, 2009

All's Well

A colossal come-apart could occur in my very near future.

Should occur,

Might still occur.

Freaks and fiends whose leashes broke long before they ever met me

Knocking on my door, demanding my defense.

I’d cry the day away if I were smart.

Throw a fit,

Froth at the mouth,

Though dutiful expectations unfortunately prevent.

“No chink in MY armor!” I lie!

Susie Sunshine has NOT left the building!

The good ship Lollypop is still afloat, folks!

All aboard!

Don’t concern yourselves!

All’s well!

After all, if it seems that IF my seams

Stretch threateningly

And my life starts spilling out,

I simply look down the hall at another woman

Stooped low,

Picking up the pieces of a life already seeped out.

Can she gather again all the pieces of her personage,

Precious to her,

Laid waste on the pavement?

Ah, perspective.

And so, I’m thankful.

But still pissed, let’s be honest.

And still smiling.

Or is that seething?


Sandra said...

LIked it all except for that "paragraph" near the end. I liked that part but it messed up the vibe and beat of the poem..I could totally see you on stage with bongos going for it until that part.

Daisy Martin said...

You are SO RIGHT, Sandra! I changed it! So, future readers, this is not the poem I posted at 8:00ish this morning. This is the second draft. Minus the "paragraph" near the end in an effort to restore the "vibe" and bring on the bongos.

Thank you, Sandra!

Daisy Rain

Chris Arnold said...

Daisy, the cool thing about poetry is that there are really no rules. You simply manipulate words to convey something--anything you want really! Even if I tell you that this is very good (and it is) that doesn't have to be it. Poetry is never "good" or "not so good." It just is ;-) Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you smoked that stuff.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you smoked that stuff.

Dad said...

That is so cool. I don't know what you said but it is cool.