Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lost Generation

This video is for all those I partner with every day to make sure that the next generation is blessed and happy and fulfilled: McKenzie, Chelsi, n!c, Casey, Cherise, Jeremy, Abby, Chris, my Sean-Martin and everyone else who pours out their lives at Sage Valley Middle School. It is a pleasure to share my life and my efforts with you.


Anonymous said...

People do care, don't they? Amazing but true, we cannot judge the children, they are but children and will learn what we teach them. I love that.

Tanya in Colorado said...

Daisy, Thank you for sharing this video. Very powerful...

Casey, Janelle, Ella, and Hadley said...

You are, once again, an inspiration to me. thanks so much for just being you. - Casey

Stephanie said...

I googled you and a bunch of Daisy Martins came up! Then I read " of my babies..." and I KNEW it was you!
I found Mrs. Martin!
What's your email?

Stephanie Ricardo
MVCS '01
VUSC '05