Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Stellar Week!

The week in pictures: Jeff Wilhelm, The Wiese Babies, and Barak Obama. What a stellar week it’s been!
Let’s start with Dr. Jeff. Where DO I start with Dr. Jeff? He’s right here at Boise State, but I actually knew who he was when I worked in Vegas for the Research Queen herself: Sylvia Tegano. When Sylvia found out we were moving up here to Boise, she said, “YOU MUST SOMEHOW FIND A WAY TO WORK WITH DR. JEFF WILHELM! I’VE READ EVERYTHING HE’S EVER WRITTEN ABOUT INQUIRY-BASED LEARNING AND DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION! I WOULD MARRY HIM!” Because of Sylvia, really, I became huge fan of inquiry-based education, and Dr. Jeff is THE inquiry DUDE! He is a literacy guy. And I’m a literacy gal. What’s more, he’s a Writing Project guy. And I am most definitely a Writing Project gal. PLUS, he’s written about motivating boys to read, and my own thesis was “Motivational Issues Among 7th Grade Hispanic Males!” I would imagine, however, that more people have probably read Dr. Jeff’s research than mine.
Dr. Jeff is the Michael Jordan of literacy and inquiry-based learning in education today. When I found out that my good friend, Debbie Moore, who works with me at Thomas Jefferson Charter School works directly WITH Dr. Jeff, I about peed my pants. Kind of makes you believe in Divine Appointments, doesn’t it?
This Thursday, I met Dr. Jeff and took this picture with him. He asked if I’d been through the Boise Writing Project yet. I told him no. He asked, “Are we going to change that?” Well, you know we ARE!
I told him his picture would be on my blog site very shortly and asked him, “Have you been on my blog?”
He told me no.
I asked, “Are we going to change that?”
Maybe he’ll visit soon. ☺
More great news this week: The Wiese Twinners have arrived! Miss Emma and Master Caleb came two days ago, and we are wound up sideways about it! They were about five weeks early (all fourteen pounds of them) and, according to mom, not a moment too soon! Big brother Ryan called to tell me the good news! Thank you, Ryan. You’re a good boy. Aunt Daisy’s going to buy you something. ☺
And, finally, to top off my stellar week, Geoff and I got up at the butt crack of dawn this morning to attend the Barak Obama rally!
Sean-Martin went fishing.
We found a parking space, and when I say that Geoff and I walked a mile in the snow, this is not hyperbole. We walked a MILE in the SNOW just to get to the end of the line to get inside! The Taco Bell Arena holds 12,000 people, and I’m quite sure we passed about 11,997 just trying to find out where we should stand for the next hour and a half in the freezing cold. I was unaware that there were that many democrats IN the fine state of Idaho! Apparently and refreshingly, there ARE! The picture shows our view from the stratosphere where we sat. We were happy just to get inside where it was warm. I think you can see Mr. Obama’s feet. You kinda have to look close.
Geoff is really annoyed with me that I didn’t give birth to him earlier in November. He missed being able to vote in this election by only 20 days. I just wasn’t thinking ahead, I suppose. He’s trying to figure out a way to go with me to caucus on Super Duper Tuesday. Not gonna happen, unfortunately. I reassured him that he’ll be old enough to vote for Obama in four years when he runs for his SECOND term in office. Geoff said he’d be happy with that. ☺