Sunday, December 16, 2007

Taking Suggestions...

Hello all!

Santa is bringing us a new puppy for the holidays! She is a yellow lab, and we are at wit's end as to what to name her. We've solicited help from Internet name websites, looking up meanings and origins. When Sean-Martin was eight, he went to Denmark and had a little girlfriend named (this is the phonetic spelling here) VEE-buh-kuh. They were about eight, I believe. Anyway, he thinks that would be a great name for our new puppy. Geoff and I are not so inclined.

So, help us name our puppy! Here's everything we know about her: She's adorable, she seems pretty docile, and she turns exactly six weeks old on Christmas Eve which is when we are picking her up and bringing her home. Now you know everything that we know about her. You don't have to have a google account to post. Just click the "anonymous" button and send all your suggestions.

We'll definitely put up new pictures on Christmas Eve and tell you what we decided!

Thanks everybody!



T said...


Anonymous said...

truly scrumptious Martin.....

Love her,

felicia said...

Well... Uhmmmm... let's see... Dale had a lab puppy before we got married and named him Manly then promptly cut off his nards. I guess you could call your puppy Girly.

Or there was the time we accidentally let our Dachshund bitch get pregnant and ended up with a puppy we didn't really have a lot of time for. So in the process of moving back to Guatemala, we forgot to actually name her, and she acquired the name Baby.

Frankly, I'm not going to be much help. When I was pregnant, I wanted to name our as yet gender undetermined child Chesley Alastair if he was a boy and Allegra Marguerite if she was a girl. The man didn't like either of those names.

When I was 6 my dad captured a horned lizard on one of his travels around the U.S. I promptly named it Horny...

I had several parrots growing up. I had a series of Conures. The first one was named Twinkie. It died a horrible death in the maws of my two dogs. I mourned at her grave site for weeks! Each succeeding Conure was named Twinkie the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Yes, there was a 5th... At one point, I had two Conures at the same time. One was named Twinkie. The other was named... Twinkola. Then Twinkie died, and we renamed Twinkola to Twinkie. It was just easier that way...

My dad came home with baby amazons one day which I had to hand feed every few hours. Hard stuff when you're only 10 years old! Being my usual creative self, I named them Greeny, Peaky and Twinkie... nah, just kidding. It was Greeny, Peaky, and Bitie, or something like that. Or maybe Bitie was actually Spottie but just bit a lot.

I have a parrot now. Guess what her name is!... If you guessed Twinkie, you'd be close. Her name is Sweetie. But my mom has always misheard and calls her Twinkie anyways.

Good luck on naming you new child!

Anonymous said...

Jim...knew of a cat named Jim once, but it works better with a dog for some reason. No? Not good for a female dog, well you may get it fixed and it won't matter... okay, okay, how about Poo, not as in ‘Whinny the...’. after all, that's what it's going to do all over the place for awhile, with it licking itself it's breath will smell like..... you're going to name it 'Binkey' aren't you! :P

Anonymous said... much as I love Felicia, and I do...she isn't really much of a pet namer!!! If "namer" is a word...But I do love ya Felicia and hope all is well with you and yours!!!

I don't know that I have great names to give you. But, you have to have something that fits her personality, and until she comes home and plays around for a while you can't name her. We had our white ball of love for at least a week without naming fact I called her DWAN for a few days...Dog Without A Name...get it...ok, so to me, you got to get to know your dog...LOL! But, just on looks alone, I am thinking Abby...Gracie...Something You can yell for months without getting tired of and certainly something that you can shorten once you are tired of yelling...That is all I have for ya!

Love ya guys and she is a good looking dog.


Anonymous said...

So.......what to the name the dog that eventually Daisy will call "co-dependent". I love this game. Hope I win, how does my hair look? hahahahhahahahha Devin does love to be witty. He ALWAYS hates the animal names I pick. Says they are toooooo fruity. Well, here is my two cents.......Christmas eve, how about Noel? too cheezy? then how about codee (cody) to support my first thought in this comment. There is always Joy, or how about Mary since I am sure you will get her fixed (to help control the pet population - Bob Barker) and she will always be a virgin. Sorry really not helping. Just my early Monday morning thoughts. Let me advise you on Labs, they are somewhat deceiving. When you got pick yours out they are all docile and sweet. Once you get them home they will give you the misconception for about 48 hours that they are docile and sweet. Then they wake up - and chew, pee, poop, and terrorize your house for about the first year. If you can be a good disciplinarian (sp?) then you will be fine. Me - not so much - you know my kids. But Labs can also be your best friend - the one to fill the void when Sean Martin goes fishing - or for Sean Martin when Daisy comes to us (of course Sean Martin is always welcome to come with her, he is just scared of us and our choices of entertainment). Ok, so I am going off the subject at hand. When all is said and done I do have to agree with my brother Devin, you really need to get to know the dog before naming. Love you guys much and miss you more. Merry Christmas. BTW Devin scored 4 Hannah Montanna tickets this weekend - he beat me - for our girls for Christmas. He rocks.

Love you more than Cheddar Cheese
Dee Dee

Anonymous said...

Eve. (As in Christmas Eve) Or Noel :)

Anonymous said...

sorry but I forgot to mention that Grandma Bailey said that you have to name them something they like - which is how our Great Pyrennes (sp?) was named - Baliker - of course a play on words - and of course to "help control the pet population" we cut his off. Needless to say it makes my children (all of them) laugh when they hear their mother yell for the dog - BALL LIKER or as we like to spell it for the vet - Baliker. Sorry just thought you would need the advice from the wise one Grandma Bailey.
Still love you
Dee Dee

Anonymous said...

Hey Martins,
I think that you should name her Noel, given the time of year she is coming to you. She's so precious! Hope to see you soon.

Happy Holidays,
Carly, Robert and Sydney

Kevin McMindes said...
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Kevin McMindes said...
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Anonymous said...

Steve McQueen ... Boy or girl, doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

Or Britney. She's so, umm ... well-adjusted.


Anonymous said...

In Missouri we would just name it "OL Yeller" or "Yeller" for short. I call Joanne's new dog "Stupid" but her real name is Lucy. Not sure what is on her pedigree papers as we have not seen them yet.

Love Ya and miss you all. I wish you could be here for Christmas and let Sean Martin make that meal. I like the rice pudding.

Barry said...

We named our dalmatian ACE..Loved that name. The more affectionate name for Ace was Aceee Dog. Good luck the way have you decided on a name yet?