Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm Toooooo Busy!

I’m too busy for my car, too busy for my car, too busy by far. I’m too busy for my shirt, too busy for my shirt, so busy it hurts. I’m too busy for my hat, too busy for my hat, what do you think about that? I’m too busy for my cat, too busy for my cat, poor pussy cat. I’m too busy for this blog, too busy for this blog...
I believe that Right Said Fred (who inspired these botched lyrics) may be Theodore Geisel’s big brother on hallucinogenic chemicals.
I’m teaching music part time, waiting tables part time, wife-ing, mother-ing, friend-ing, writing, writing, writing, and working my ACN business. In fact, I was just promoted, I’m happy to report.
But I don’t have any underwear.
I need to have sex. I need to do laundry. I need to get back to that Nora Roberts book that’s probably overdue at the library. I can only hope the Universe knows that I’m NOT going to miss Survivor China which premiers on the 20th OR Heroes which premiers on the 24th! And American Idol in January is like religion. A girl has to have her priorities.
So today, because I need to live my life with razor-sharp precision in order to accomplish all that I’m unwilling to give up, I created a monthly spreadsheet with 31 days across the top and several “to do’s” down the side. I put dots in the boxes for the days that I have to accomplish specific tasks. When I complete each item, I put an “X” in the box. Now I can see my “month at a glance” and know exactly what I’m getting done and what I’m not. In addition to this, I’ve created 7 templates, one for each day of the week, listing each item I need to get done. I check those off daily as well. These tasks include everything from repeating my vision statement to phone calls that I need to make to personal growth to taking my vitamins. I’m pretty confident that I could stand toe to toe with the most anal retentive people in the world. (Should “anal retentive” have a hyphen?)
Anyway, do not fear! I have not forgotten the words of the great philosopher, Winnie the Pooh! (“Saint Winnie, as my pastor refers to him.) His wisdom is this: “Never underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.”
So I’m scheduling that in.


Anonymous said...

As I sat at work this morning checking my 150 unread emails I was pleasantly surprised to find your blog among them. We get really crappy internet service at our house so the only time I get online is when I get to the real estate office. Anyway, I started reading your blog and I couldn't stop. I had only read your very first one back in May-June and hadn't had a chance to get back to the rest. So after having read all your most personal thoughts let me say this. You freakin' rock. I admire you so much. Even though you question your purpose in life you are so confident in who you are and so comfortable in your own skin. I don't have any words of wisdom for you except for, do what makes you happy. I'm sure you relize how God has blessed you with a wonderful husband and son. God and family are the two most important things in life. Everything else will fall into place. I loved the letter you wrote to Sean. It made me smile. Cherish that bond you have because marriages like yours are few and far between. Please don't quit writing. You have a unique ability to paint a picture with every word. I loved reading your blog. You challenge me to ponder on things, you encourage me, and you make me laugh. Please keep blogging! I love it.
Keri Keller

Anonymous said...

Daisy and Friends,

You brighten my day. Yes, organization is what keeps the life going on and on and on. However the alternative is not acceptable. We do want to go on and We must take care of ourselves or we are not doing what God asks of us. Then and only then we can do as we are destined to do and enjoy. Keep on smiling and writing.

Your Friend
Edie Schmitz