Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Poem: Where I'm From

I've never accused myself of being a poet, and come to think of it, neither has anyone else. Here, though, is an attempt. This poem was written from a "template" of sorts. I was given a basic format, a formula to follow. Here is the result. I kinda like it. See what you think. If you're inspired, follow the format and tell me where YOU are from...

Where I’m From

I am from a cruelty that seems distant now.
From flying fists and fits of rage,
I am from indifference and isolation.
Loneliness, my salvation.
I am from the endless chores:
Cleaning dishes without water because it’s been shut off,
Caring for children who aren’t mine,
A mother who is herself a child,
And a man who is not my husband.

I am from a world that sits squarely on my shoulders,
But I don’t belong.
I’m from, “You think you’re better, don’t you?”
Gratefully, yes.

I’m from so long, farewell, to Hell with you, goodbye.
I’m from anything that’s better than this.
I’m from outside this place,
A higher place.

I’m from a husband who knows tenderness
And a child who has never known threat.
I am from large doses of daily, uninhibited laughter
that heals me.
I am from steak and king crab legs for no apparent reason
if that’s what I want,
And lights that come on when I flip the switch.
I am from a purpose that is defined
And a destiny that is uniquely mine.
I am from clarity.

I am from these moments--
A flower that has miraculously bloomed in a barren desert.


Dancing daisy fan said...

Daisy chick,
You ARE SO AMAZING!!!! I love you and your son and oh yeah your husband. You are all amazing. So deep yet so profound. From where came from to where you are. I can relate on so many diffrent levels. I heal through you.

RodDsm said...

Daisy, Daisy, read the blog. Couldn't have written poetry any better. You say what most of us think...just can't articulate. You rock!!!

Holly said...

Eventually, I will stop sobbing and post something in response. Right now, I am just going to sob. I love this.

Rachinlv said...

I smile, yet cry in reading your poem. Your words are so very powerful! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, experiences, and life. I look forward to more posts!!!

sofia d. said...

I marvel at how an artist can create mere symbols to display one's soul and in doing so, capture another.
I've been
Captured. Inspired. Changed.

Rissa said...

I realize I am a bit slow posting my comment. I'm sorry! I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful example you are to me and my family! You are truly my Hero and haved helped me through some painful times! I really appreciate all you have taught me about hangin' in there when I feel like giving up. Now, for my comments about your poem. All I can say is "WOW!" I guess I never realized what you have overcome! I'm assuming this is because I never knew the Daisy in the beginning of the poem. This is probably going to sound stupid coming from a teenager, but I am so proud of you for striving to become the person you are today!

Dev said...

My dearest Daisy. I love you. I knew you then and I know you now and as I said the first time I read it, it captures so beautifully your transformation, past and present in a nutshell. I think you are on your way to becoming Emily...ha!