Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh, Donna, Oh Dah-ah-na...

So, Miss Donna has advised me that I needed a blog to post my writings (in case they might be brilliant or some such thing) so that people could respond to them. Because I pretty much do whatever my wonderful friend tells me to do, I've done it with lightning-fast promptness. Ah, now... Where to start? Where to start?



Dancing Daisy Fan said...

This so cool. I can now read and digest what you have to say over and over again...... How lucky am I !!!! I look forward to your first mind bending and opening thoughts. Enlighten us Daisy.

Sofia said...

Well lookee 'ere, will ya! A dancing fan (absolutely the best kind!) has already beaten me to the first comment. May this go down in the making of unparalleled fame and fortune. Daisy Fans, hold on to your tights and LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!

Guess this means I'm sharing you with the world, my dear. I knew the time would come. Anyone got a tissue?

marsha55 said...

Ms. Daisy, I am still mesmerized about what a great writer you are. Your words were so invigorating and yet they were inviting. and at the same time they were intransigent. your idea had a twist of intrinsic about them, and a turn of intuitiveness wrapped around them. I am still basking on your ability to form and shape words into a piece that is in a class of its own. I say great job, and write all that is on the inside of you until you empty out. you have a word for the masses.
Your forever Friend,
Marsha Jo